General Assembly

World Water Council 7th General Assembly, Marseille, 12-14 November 2015

The General Assembly is the opportunity for all members of the World Water Council to influence the strategic orientation of the organization by voting policies and programs. It is also the occasion for members to elect the representatives of the Board of Governors for a term of three years, approve the triennial budget, and adopt the work program and By-Laws.

A total of 35 Governors representing 5 colleges of members are elected during the General Assembly. During the 7th General Assembly, the members of the World Water Council will:

  • Adopt the work program of the Council for the next mandate as well as the general policies and strategies for this period
  • Approve the auditor’s report, the annual financial statements, the accounts of the Council and the estimates of income and expenditure 
  • Adopt any amendments to the By-Laws of the Council 
Join and participate in the General Assembly

All WWC members are invited to participate in the General Assembly. Each active member has equal right, and holds one vote. Any organization working on, or committed to, water-related issues can join the World Water Council by filling the membership application form. Membership is subject to annual membership fees calculated according to the college affiliation and to budget of the organization or national GDP for governmental authorities.

To hold the right to vote, members must be up to date with all their membership fees at the latest on the first day of the General Assembly, November 13, 2015.

Candidature and Election Procedure

All member organizations of the Council are entitled to present a candidate to the Board of Governors. Organizations candidating for the position of governor must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Organizations must be up to date with all membership fees, prior September 12, 2015.
  • Representatives of organizations may only be elected to the Board of Governors twice on behalf of a given organization.
  • Application forms must be duly completed, signed and returned to WWC Headquarters prior September 12, 2015:

World Water Council
Espace Gaymard-2-4 place d'Arvieux
13002 Marseille

Submission of candidacies to the Board of Governors closed on September 12, 2015.

Colleges and seats

The Board of Governors election procedure is described in the Constitution and By-Laws of the World Water Council. There are 36 seats on the Board of Governors of which 35 are elected Governors and one seat is reserved for the host city, Marseille. Members are divided in five colleges representing the main sectors for water stakeholders:

Board of Governors 2016 - 2018 Number of seats allocated per college
College 1: Intergovernmental Organizations 5
College 2: Governments and Governmental Authorities 7
College 3: Enterprises and Facilities 9
College 4: Civil Society and Water Users Associations 6
College 5: Professional Associations and Academics 8

Descriptions and definitions of the colleges are available in the Membership guidelines.

All members are welcome to attend the Caucus meeting of their College, on 12 November from 5 to 6 PM, in order to determine the list of candidates for the Board elections.


Each college is allocated between four and nine seats on the Board, the number being calculated on the basis of the number of active member organizations within that college. All active members may vote for all 35 elected seats. Within each college, the elected members are those who receive the greatest number of votes but, to be elected, candidates must receive a number of votes at least equivalent to 10% of the number of voting members. Only one representative per nationality may be elected within a given college.

The President and the members of the Bureau of the World Water Council are appointed by the new Board of Governors from amongst its members.

Governors’ responsibilities

The Board is empowered for a period of three years to oversee the implementation of decisions of the General Assembly and all matters related to governance, general management, program of activities, budgeting, accountancy and membership of the World Water Council. Governors are also actively involved in the preparation of the World Water Forum. More information is available in the World Water Council Constitution and By-Laws.


Tel: +33 (0) 4 91 99 41 00
Fax: +33 (0) 4 91 99 41 01

Dates & Venue

  • College Caucuses
  • 12 November 2015
  • 7th General Assembly 
  • 12-14 November 2015
  • Parc Chanot
  • Rond point du Prado
    Marseille France