Headquarters Staff

The following list includes a quick description of the tasks of each staff member. If you wish to send an e-mail to one of them, simply click on the corresponding name.

Tom Soo
Executive Director

  • Support WWC governing bodies
  • Strategic management of WWC work programme
  • Representation of WWC
  • General management of Headquarters

Administrative, institutional & communications pole

picture of Valerie Bistagne

Valérie Bistagne
Director of Administration and Finance 

  • Human resources
  • Administrative Management
  • Finances
  • Legal affairs
  • Official documents translations
Karim Adgharouamane

Karim Adgharouamane
Administrative and Finances Officer

  • Assistant to the Administrative & Financial Director
  • Bookkeeping, cost accounting
  • Relations with suppliers
Laurent Grube

Laurent Grube
IT Officer

  • IT-Management
  • Tools development
Valerie Sarfati

Valérie Lydon
Team PA

  • Team personal assistant
  • Logistics and organization of international and institutional events
  • Administration and maintenance of membership
  • HQ travel arrangements
Alba Glass

Alba Glass
Communications Officer

  • Web & Newsletter management
  • Communications, marketing and PR activities
  • Contact for World Water Forum communication activities
  • Translations
  • Coordination of the King Hassan & Kyoto Prizes

Fabien Canale

  • Website integration 
  • SEO 
  • Communication tasks support



Thematic & political pole

Daniele Gaillard-Picher

Danielle Gaillard Picher
Director of Policy and Programs

  • Management of the Council’s thematic and political programmes
  • Relationship building with key members and partners
  • Supporting the selection, negotiation process, governance and management of the World Water Forums

Kevin Chrétien
Project Officer

  • Institutional affairs
  • Thematic and policy review
  • Citizen’s Forum and youth task force



Mariem Khemiri

Mariem Khemiri
Project Officer

  • Coordination of Local Authorities Process and the Istanbul Water Consensus
  • Coordination of Parliamentarian Process 
  • Political Policy Engagement

Teresa Liguori
Project Officer

  • Coordinate and lead program development on: water and food security, the human right to water, sanitation, transboundary issues, Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), Water for Health & Nature 
  • Support the Regional Process of 7th World Water Forum



Camille Giscard d’Estaing - Project Officer

Camille Giscard d’Estaing
Project Officer

  • Coordinate progress on Implementation Roadmaps and work on Cities: At the Heart of Growth
  • Support the World Water Forum processes

Chiara Christina Colombo
Project Officer

  • Support the World Water Council task forces (Climate is water and Youth Delegates)
  • Support the World Water Forum processes

Bernardas Padegimas
Project Officer

  • Support the World Water Council task forces (Climate is water and others)
  • Support the World Water Forum processes