Election Procedure

Election Procedure

The Board of Governors election procedure is described in the World Water Council Constitution and By-Laws.

  • There are 36 seats on the Board of Governors of which 35 are elected Governors and one seat is reserved for the host city, Marseille.
  • Members are divided in five colleges representing the main water stakeholders:
    College 1: Intergovernmental Organizations
    College 2: Governments and Governmental Authorities
    College 3: Enterprises and Facilities
    College 4: Civil Society and Water Users Associations
    College 5: Professional Associations and Academics
    Descriptions and definitions of the colleges may be found in the Membership Guidelines which may be requested from the Headquarters or downloaded here.
  • Each college is allocated between four and nine seats on the Board, the number being calculated on the basis of the number of active member organizations within that college three months prior to the General Assembly. 
  • All active members may vote for all 35 available seats according to the limit established per college.  
  • Within each college, the elected members are those who receive the greatest number of votes but, to be elected, candidates must receive a number of votes at least equivalent to 10% of the number of voting members. 
  • Only one representative per nationality may be elected within a given college.

 Slate of candidates per College in detail

Each college shall present a slate of candidates with:

  • No more than twice the number of allocated seats for the college ;
  • No more than two candidates of the same nationality.

In the event that for any given college, the slate does not conform to these specifications, the members of that college will be invited to meet as a caucus prior to General Assembly in order to reach an agreement on the final slate. In the event that the caucus removes candidates against their will, these candidates may stand for election as wild cards by request to the Headquarters.

 Voting rights

Only active members may vote during the General Assembly. To hold the right to vote, members must be up to date with their membership fees including arrears, at the latest on the date of the General Assembly.

Each active member organization receives one ballot and may be represented by any member of staff or by another active member organization through proxy. A voting member cannot hold more than two proxies. Voting members have 35 votes to cast, according to the number of seats allocated by college.


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Dates & Venue

  • College Caucuses
  • 12 November 2015
  • 7th General Assembly 
  • 12-14 November 2015
  • Parc Chanot
  • Rond point du Prado
    Marseille France