4th World Water Forum, Mexico 2006
Local Actions for a Global Challenge

The 4th World Water Forum came to an end on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006, on World Water Day, in Mexico City, after seven days of debates and exchanges. Close to 20,000 people from throughout the world participated in 206 working sessions where a total of 552 local actions were presented.
Participants included official representatives and delegates from 140 countries out of which 120 mayors and 150 legislators, 1395 journalists experts, NGOs, companies, civil society representatives were involved. The Ministerial Conference brought together 78 Ministers.

Synthesis Process

The World Water Forum is the largest multi-stakeholder process of the water community. It involves directly several thousands of stakeholders representing a great variety of situations, cultures, perspectives, responsibilities.

For the 4th World Water Forum, a synthesis process of the Forum was developed and implemented in three phases:  

Main publications

Summary of the Fourth World Water Forum

Coordinated by: Daniel Zimmer and Cesar Herrera
Edited by: Paul Van Hofwegen and Polioptro Martinez Austria 
Editorial Supervisors: Charles Baubion, Colin Herron and Jaime Collado
Published by: World Water Council and the Secretariat of the 4th World Water Forum
Date: Août 2006
Pages: 131
ISBN: 968-817-780-6
Availability: On-line version available in English (PDF, 4.2 MB) and in Spanish (PDF, 2.6 MB).
Summary: The World Water Council and the Secretariat of the 4th World Water Forum co-produced this Synthesis of the 4th World Water Forum in order to provide Forum participants and the international water community with the main messages, lessons learnt, and key recommendations presented in all the events that comprised the Forum.

Final Report of the 4th World Water Forum

Published by: World Water Council and the Secretariat of the 4th World Water Forum
Date: August 2006
Pages: 258
ISBN: 968-817-782-2
Availability: On-line version available in English (PDF, 19.5 MB).
Summary: All the Forum’s components are presented in this compilation, which includes detailed descriptions of every session presented, summaries of each day’s outcomes, a review of activities in which various groups were involved, a presentation of the Water Fair and Expo, all punctuated by many attractive photos of participants and events. 

New initiatives

The Forum represents a unique opportunity to foster the world’s attention on water related issues. During an entire week, participants take the advantage of it to launch new initiatives and organize special events. To see a list of these, please click here.