4ème Forum mondial de l'eau, Mexico, 2006

Résultats des sessions

Les résultats des sessions, basés sur les rapports des présidents de session, sont disponibles en anglais.

Composante thématique

The thematic content assembles and circumscribes some of the most important challenges and problems faced by the global water polity (represented by the 5 Framework Themes) and also includes some of the processes and factors that have been considered by many to affect the unfolding of local actions worldwide (represented by the 5 Cross-cutting Perspectives). Please click on the following links to access on of the framework themes or cross-cutting perspectives.

Axes thématiques 
  1. Water for Growth and Development (L'eau pour la croissance et le développement)
  2. Implementing Integrated Water Resources Management (La mise en oeuvre de la gestion intégrée des ressources en eau) 
  3. Water Supply and Sanitation for All (L'approvisionnement en eau et l'assainissement pour tous) 
  4. Water for Food and the Environment (L’eau pour l’alimentation et l’environnement)
  5. Risk Management (La gestion des risques)
Perspectives transversales
  1. New Models for Financing Local Water Initiatives (Nouveaux modèles pour le financement d’initiatives locales en matière d’eau)
  2. Institutional Development and Political Processes (Développement institutionnel et processus politiques)
  3. Capacity-building and Social Learning (Renforcement des capacités et apprentissage social)
  4. Application of Science, Technology and Knowledge (Mise en application de la science, des technologies et des connaissances)
  5. Targeting, Monitoring and Implementation Assessment (Mise en œuvre de mécanismes de suivi et évaluation)

Regional Component (Composante régionale)

One of the objectives of the Forum was to take roots at the regional level. In this context, regional preparatory processes have determined the most relevant challenges faced by the region, analysed the constraints and deficiencies faced by the actors and institutions, reviewed innovative processes that successfully addressed the issues and contributed to the conclusions and recommendations that have been presented and discussed with decision makers during the Forum.

After having selected major challenges, the Regional actors involved in the process have focused on how to strengthen action. They have examined at the same time constraints faced by stakeholders and actions having been implemented. 

To implement the regional approach, the countries of the world have been grouped into five regions. You may click on the following links to access to their final report of the regional documents.