Ongoing and Members initiatives


Members have always been instrumental in creating opportunities for the World Water Council to create impact through specific initiatives. 

More specifically, the 2012-2015 cycle saw the signature of an MoU with K-Water around the role of technology in smart water management, and the proposal for creating a World Water System Heritage program, in addition to substantive work on food security.

Actions and outputs projected in the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan

Strategic actions

  • Work with members to develop member-led initiatives that will directly support Signature Initiatives of the Council
  • Integrate, through existing communication platforms, a diversity of member perspectives on water security and sustainability
  • Work with members to increase visibility and impact of political engagement regionally, in both bilateral and multi-lateral forums
  • Reach out to new members to strengthen the strategic position of the Council

Main outputs

  • 3-5 annual member-led initiatives, in which the Council’s wider membership is engaged to produce specific outcomes

Task Force chair

  • Dale Jacobson (ASCE-EWRI)

Task Force members

  • Bjorn Jensen (DWFF)
  • Xinhua Tang (CWPP)