Membership Solidarity Fund

The Membership Solidarity Fund was established in January 2004 in order to enhance the representativeness of the Council membership in terms of geography, sectors and stakeholders making a real difference to the quality of the network.

The objective is to allow existing members and other institutions to act in solidarity with one or several organizations for which the amount of fees is too high compared to their resources, through the partial subsidization of their membership fees.

The Membership Solidarity Fund offers the opportunity for organizations with lesser means to have their say in the global water debate through Council membership. This initiative complements the membership fees policy.

For additional information, please feel free to consult the procedure of the Membership Solidarity Fund or contact us

How to make a voluntary donation

Anyone can make a voluntary donation to the Membership Solidarity Fund - just send us an email and we will contact you.

Through this action, organisations with lesser means will be given an opportunity to become Council members and to make their voices heard in the global water debate. It will also contribute to broadening the range of actors represented in the Council.

Please be aware that you are free to determine the amount of your contribution. You may also indicate your preference to help a specific organization that you have already identified, or select criteria related to the geographic location or the type of organization you wish to subsidize. Should you not specify a preference, priority will be given to any eligible candidates from countries with the lowest per capita income.

How to apply

If your organisation has limited financial means and is from a country with a GDP per capita of under 7,500 USD, you may apply for the Membership Solidarity Fund by filling in the related application form.